1946 Parlor Mid-century Modern Sofa

Kardiel 1946 Parlor Mid-century Modern Sofa, Beige/ Surf Green Cashmere Wool. The original design was created in 1946 by Finn Juhl for use in his own home in Charlottenlund, Netherlands. The home is now part of a museum and the Poet Sofa considered a work of modernism art. The frame of the poet sofa curves with artistic intent.

Recapturing the organic curves and angles of the original is not a simple undertaking. The whimsical use of coordinating and contrasting fabric color combinations on the body, the seat and buttons, reiterates the artistic flair of the piece. Kardiel respectfully adheres to responsible standards when reproducing original designs.

Details such as frame construction, dimensions overall and within, angles, seam finish, pleats, tufting, fabric selection. It is only with attention to material and visuals that substantial designs like the Finn Juhl Poet Sofa are reproduced without compromising your budget nor the integrity of the original

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