3D Chocolate Candy T-Rex Mold

Give your little paleontologist in training a sugary surprise they’re sure to love by making them their very own 3D chocolate T-Rex using this food-safe silicone mold. This building toy and confectionery tool makes it remarkable easy to make your own little 6 inch T-Rex.

  • The world’s first notched, chocolate-building mold! Melt, fill, excavate, and build your own edible, 6-inch tall, chocolate T-Rex!
  • The wonderfully-wild combination of a building toy and a confectionery tool, Chocolate Construction is a patent-pending, durable yet stylized silicone mold featuring nine cavities for the various bones which will make up your chocolate T-Rex.
  • Each piece is “notched” with a rectangular slot – when these notches are connected to their matching slots, your vicious and delicious T-Rex will be born!
  • For ease of construction, beside each notch in the mold is a raised number which corresponds to a second notch with the same number. And so building your T-Rex is as simple as matching the numbers – which makes it dangerously easy to give rise to a whole herd of chocolaty beasts!
  • The mold is made from food-safe silicone, and can be used again, and again, and again!
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