The 72 Hour Survival Kit

Increase your chances of getting through an emergency situation with this 72 hour survival kit. Assembled by survival experts, this compact pack contains over 30 useful tools packed inside an incredibly durable and waterproof tarpaulin exterior.

“This $350 bag will save your life.” – Outside Magazine. – Modern emergency survival bag, specially designed for the 21st century, including a solar powered/hand crank smartphone charger – Over 35 survival tools expertly curated and organized with easy-to-understand instructions – Waterproof and airtight construction protects internal components and allows bag to act as a floatation device – Tough polyurethane insert panels can double as snowshoes or a sling – Antibacterial Wipes – Air Filtration Mask – Chem Lights – Collapsible Water Pouch – Convertible Shovel/Pick-axe – Datrex Food Bars – Duct Tape – First Aid Kit – Flashlight – Gloves – Goggles – Heat Packs – Insert – Purpose built, ripstop nylon interior insert protects, organizes and clearly identifies the contents of the Seventy2 – Strike Anywhere Matches and Waterproof Container – Magnesium Alloy Fire Starter – Multitool – Mylar Thermal Space Blanket – Mylar Thermal Survival Tent – Nalgene Water Bottle – Paracord – Radio/flashlight/smartphone charger – Sawyer MINI Water Filter – Sunscreen – Survival Knife – Uncharted Beanie – Water Syringe

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