8 Man Foosball Table W/LEDs

8 Man Foosball Table

Warrior Table Soccer’s new 8 man Foosball table is a great addition for Events or Parties. This table features LED lighting around the entire playfield producing a unique playing environment.

The table is custom built to split in half for easier transport. Using the current men and rod guards from the Warrior Professional Foosball Table ensures not only safety for all player but unbelievable ease of play.

Supporting up to 4 teams per side gives a exciting and challenging perspective to the fun game of foosball.

  • Variable LED lighting around playfield
  • Top caliber, durable, player friendly table.
  • Unique Rod Guard system for the safety of players of all ages.
  • Great for Event Planners and Party Rentals
  • Splits in half for easier transport
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