Anti-Kidnapping Watch Wrist Band

Stay one step ahead of your assailants with the anti-kidnapping watch wrist band. If you’re going to be travelling to possibly dangerous destinations, this watch accessory provides you with the tools you may desperately need in order to evade your captors.

The Tactical Anti-Kidnapping Watch Band Kit has been designed to allow you to carry anti kidnap tools in your watch band. It disguises these tools as part of your watchband. beneficial to military personnel, foreign aid workers, and journalists in conflict zones, as well as for travelers in countries with a high risk of kidnapping for ransom. This kit contains the means to defeat restraints, zip ties, duct tape and rope. It includes a large ranger band to hold your tools covertly on your watchband, a key, a scalpel blade, and Kevlar saw cord. The kit is almost invisible on the watchband and is therefore covertly hidden in place and yet easily accessible if you are kidnapped.

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