Audra Canopy Barrel Sauna


The 5+1 Canopy Barrel has space to seat four people, or, it you wish to stretch out, you can rest against the flat wall and stretch out on the bench. The unit is heated by an exceptional 4.5kw sauna heater. The heater requires 220v/30 amp service and the sauna light requires 110v/15 amp service.

The Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna is a barrel kit that comes to you partially assembled from the factory. Assembly can be accomplished in just a few hours and is very easy to do. The unit is mounted on polymer cradles, which are impervious to breakdown by the elements, allowing you to place your Barrel Sauna right on the bare ground if you choose.

There are also mounting holes molded into the cradles allowing you to anchor the sauna to a deck or patio if you prefer a secure installation. Craftsman hand-select each piece of cedar for optimal use in the construction of the sauna and reject those boards that do not meet our high standards. You will appreciate the craftsmanship and quality materials each and every time you enjoy your sauna.

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