Automatic Ping Pong Score Keeper

Keep track of who’s in the lead with scientific accuracy by outfitting your table with this automatic ping pong score keeper. Two table sensors and an additional net sensor work together to detect the ball’s nano-vibrations and determine the score in real time.

SensorScore by STIGA is the first and only hands-free, fully-automated table tennis scoring system. Utilizing innovative sensor technology, SensorScore turns the table tennis table playing surface into a nano-vibration detection field. The sensors attach under the table and communicate contact data to the scoring unit which displays the score in real time. The system not only tracks and displays the score, it also announces the score and informs the players when it is time to change serve.

SensorScore Features:
• Digital scoring unit with vibrant led display and audio prompts
• Premium net and post set with integrated sensor
• Two surface vibration sensors easily mount under table
• Rail mounted master controller to control game settings
• Universal mounting design for regulation tables up to 1” thick
• Simple installation requiring only minutes to set up

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