Bath Blossom Bamboo Body Brush for Back Scrubber

Natural Bristles Shower Brush with Long Handle – Excellent for Exfoliating Skin and Cellulite

LIKE HAVING TWO BRUSHES IN ONE With 40 cm long handle, you can reach the middle of your back, the backs of your legs and other tricky spots with this high quality bamboo body brush.;HYGIENIC AND NATURAL – Made of the finest bamboo material, it will not develop mildew.;DRY BRUSHING YOUR SKIN AND STIMULATE – Use dry to boost circulation in order to help cellulite problems and promote skin health and glows.;EXFOLIATE, CLEAN & REMOVE DEAD SKIN – Use with your favorite body wash or scrubs to cleanse and remove dead skin in the tub or shower.;VERY EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN – Just rinse after use and hang the brush up by the rope on the handle for drip drying or air drying.