Beer Foam Enhancer

Enjoy a thick, pub quality brew from the comfort of home by using this beer foam enhancer. This ultrasound wand is designed to give your pint a healthy looking foamy head in under two seconds and sports a slender design that makes it easy to transport.

The ultimate craft beer gadget – designed to enhance you beer to a new level.

Taste Sensation
That UltraBeer Thing! delivers a delicious and satisfying creamy head – and the micro bubble foam enhances the taste and aroma from the hops – like it’s fresh from the brewery.

How It Works
Pop in your pint glass for under 2 seconds, you can give your favourite craft beer the perfect thick head just like your favourite tap room.

Take It With You
Since the UltraBeer can fit in your back pocket – it is perfect for use at Home and compact enough to take to the pub with you – if you’re brave enough to take it out.

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