Best Portable Door Lock


Get the privacy you need by taking the portable door lock everywhere you go. This handy device installs in seconds without any tools to provide a dependable lock whenever the need arises. It’s a great way to add a bit of extra security to the home and works even better for travel.

The Add-A-Lock is a portable door lock that can be easily installed and removed in seconds with no tools on any door that swings open inwards, giving you additional security and privacy behind it.

It can be used on any door that opens inward, so it’s great for travel. Hotel staff can’t open the door to your room even with a key or key card.

Tested this portable lock in my home with 2 different doors and works wonders! With this lock on, it will make it extremely difficult for an intruder to come in to your room. Though the red piece is plastic it is reinforced with a metal plate underneath it which makes it really solid!

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