Bluapple Fruit Freshness Extender


Keep your fruits from spoiling by prolonging their life with the fruit freshness extender. The set of two small blue apples come with a packet that absorbs the ethylene gas – which is what causes produce like fruits and veggies to over ripen and eventually spoil.

Bluapple® 2-Pack is designed to effectively absorb ethylene gas from fruits and vegetables. Bluapple® comes ready to use! Just place Bluapple® inside the refrigerator crisper or wherever you store produce. There is a packet of active ingredient inside the BPA free Bluapple® shell that will absorb ethylene gas for up to three months.


The Bluapple® is refillable! By reusing the Bluapple® and using the refill packets, less waste is produced, money is saved, and fresher, longer lasting produce is enjoyed! Bluapple® slows down the ripening process by absorbing ethylene gas. By absorbing this gas, fruits and vegetables last longer, maintaining the nutrient value and taste.

Ethylene is a harmless, odorless, and colorless gas that is given off naturally by fruits and vegetables as a signaling mechanism to the produce to ripen faster. This creates a high concentration of ethylene gas in the refrigerator, or other storage areas, which accelerates the ripening process and hastens spoilage. Using Bluapple® to absorb this gas causes fresher and longer lasting produce! Stop throwing away produce! Get Bluapple® today.

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