Braun Series 9 9090cc, a close comfortable shave with good bang for the buck!

Braun Series 9

This Braun Series 9 9090cc shaver is incredibly comfortable, no pulling or irritation. I struggled for years to find a razor that would avoid razor bumps on the neck area. I’ve used everything from straight razors, cartridge razors, rotary electrics, foil electrics, etc. Only this Braun shaver has succeeded in completely preventing razor bumps or irritation. The best quality of this razor is the speed. I can be fully clean shaven to a smooth face and size burns trimmed under 4 minutes.

The shaver is made in Germany, has a matte gray plastic front and black rubber back, is very ergonomic and comfortable to hold, and light, but solidly built. The cleaning unit is sleek, and far more stylish than old style cleaning units used with Braun’s Series 7 and other models, the 9 series is just a little stronger motor so faster shaving.