Compressed Air Powder Cannon

Create a vibrant atmosphere by unleashing a flurry of color into the air using this compressed air powder cannon. It utilizes rice power dyed with a non-toxic and water soluble coloring that explodes into the air to release a cloud of colored dust.

Color Powder Cannons Are you getting ready for a local Color Run or any outdoor event where color powder is allowed? If you are, then our color powder cannon is perfect for the occasion. While events such as the Color Run and Holi One have made it popular throughout the world, Holi powder has existed for quite some time, often used in East Asian countries that participate in Hindu culture.

With Birando offering a range of color powder cannons, you can take celebrations to the next. As you shoot the powder high up in the air watch as it creates a cloud of smoke that paints you and everyone else in different shades of fun. Designed to create a bright, colourful atmosphere, this exclusive range of cannons uses rice power dyed with water soluble, non-toxic food coloring to ensure a safe and memorable event. To use, simply remove the top cap, twist and enjoy!

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