Cooling Car Seat

Keep your clothes sweat-free on hot days by outfitting our ride with the cooling car seat. It is outfitted with a powerful intake fan that delivers cool air to 18 ventilation holes that help to absorb body heat and reduce perspiration.

Hot summer days just got more bearable with this innovative Wagan Cool Air Car Cushion IN9886. Use this cool cushion in your vehicle to enjoy a more relaxing drive during hot weather. Simply plug this cushion into your 12v cigarette lighter adapter and a powerful intake fan distributes air to your back, legs, and thighs as you drive. This circulating air provides cooling relief which helps to reduce your perspiration. 18 ventilation holes disperse cool air while grooved cushion bards provide additional circulation. Particularly effective in an air-conditioned environment, the adjustable high or low cool air flow settings allow you to control your personal preferences based on the current climate. This cushion will provide ultimate comfort since you will avoid the shock of sitting in a hot, sticky car seat after a hot day in the sun.

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