Demonia Boots are Great!

Demonia Boots

These Demonia boots literally take my breath away….and everyone’s that sees them. Whether their taste is the same as my own or completely different, they are not only a good talking point, buy they totally rock every outfit you wear them with AND they are totally, completely, amazingly COMFORTABLE!!!!

The picture can’t do them justice. Just incredible to behold. The spikes on the heel make them unbelievably edgy.

Don’t worry about loosening the laces as much as you need. There’s no running out of lace…it’s EXTRA long. TRUST ME. Also, the buckles have plenty of holes to be adjusted, and there is extra room on the end of the flaps if you needed to poke an extra hole…or three. The quality of the boot is pleasantly shocking. Excellent quality. Nice leather, not thin. Good, solid zipper. The steel heel is completely strong and I feel very secure walking in them – no wobbliness.

Perfect fit a little heavy but to be expected these are serious boots I love them with all my heart get looks everywhere I wear them.

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