Edible Stick On Eyes


Make healthy snacks for kids by anthropomorphizing them with a pair of edible stick on eyes. These completely edible googley eyes come in a set that features a variety of entertaining expressions that make eating a delight.

Create snacks and cakes with character, with Suck Uks Edible Eyes made from sugar paste

Eyes that you can eat – stick them on your food to turn a sensible snack into a fun packed lunch, silly birthday cupcakes or an angry fruit!

Stick these charcatful edible sugar eyes on to your dinner and give your carrots a face, and make eye contact with your muffin right before you munch on its head!

With 10 different fun expressions per pack, these edible sugar eyes are perfect for adding a little fun to your kids food or giving as a small gift for your loved ones and friends.

Ingredients within the sugar paste are not derived from animal products, but they are made in a factory that contains nuts.

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