Flying Ring Dog Fetch Toy

Make your dog’s fetching skills to the next level by using this flying ring dog fetch toy next time you’re at the park. The pack includes a launching gun and three ultra tough yet lightweight rings that can travel distances of over 65 feet.

Do you exercise and play with your dog at least once daily?

If you are a busy person like most people, you may not get around to it every day. But your dog deserves a happier, healthier, longer life & daily exercise is critical for that.

Meet The World’s First Gravity-Defying 100+ Feet Flying Ring Launching Fetch Toy For Dogs.

In just minutes, your dog has run over the length of a football field! And it’s fun for both you and your dog. Slobbery tennis balls are boring and no human or dog actually wants to catch a hard frisbee with their teeth. Your dog deserves time with you every day and even you would love to spend more time with your companion. Now You Can!

Are these rings durable enough to survive my dog’s toy eating habits? YES!

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