Garden Root Slayer Shovel

Dig through sod and roots like a hot knife through butter by going in with the garden root slayer shovel. It features a comfortable ergonomic o-grip handle to prevent slipping along with a sharpened v-blade tip with rip saw teeth – eliminating the need for hatchets and saws.

Roots always seem to get in the way of digging, whether you expect them or not. Once you switch to the Root Slayer you might not even notice them most of the time. The Root Slayer is really a multi-purpose shovel that can eliminate the need for other tools, such as hatchets, pry-bars, and saws, when simply digging around the home. If you’ve ever hit roots while trying to plant a perennial, or been stymied by roots when trying to dig up a shrub, you’ll know what we’re talking about. You can use the Root Slayer as your go-to shovel. You can also use it to replace your nursery spade. Think of it as a shovel, root hatchet, and root saw all in one tool.

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