Handheld Endoscope Camera

Getting visible into hard to reach places is easier than ever when you use this handy handheld endoscope camera. It features a lengthy 10 foot cable and 8mm 2 megapixel camera head and 6 adjustable LEDs that provide visibility in the dark.

WiFi Feature
No need low quality build-in screen– enjoy high quality viewing directly in your computer, tablets or smartphones by syncing the endoscope via WiFi, install and use the provided endoscope apps (fully compatible with iOS and Android).
Note: Windows phones and BlackBerry also supported through browsers.

Free Movement
Armed with a special articulating and relay system technology, our flexible endoscope can be bent and tilted to access a wide variety of confined cavities, including those that consist of curves. This allows you to assess flaws no matter how dim the area or how complicated its shape is.

Great Image Quality
Featuring 6 adjustable LED lights brightness control and a 2 megapixels CMOS camera, enjoy clear close range videos or snapshot images with a resolution up to 1280 x 720 even in dark spaces.

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