High-Res Mobile Projector

Pocket Size Home Cinema

Turn any location into your personal movie theater with this high-res mobile projector. Equipped with its own SD card reader, speaker and internal battery, this compact 2″ cube allows you to project images and movies up to 120″.

The Cube is a new kind of mini projector; 2” of weightless aluminum equipped with 120” of vivid projection display, designed specifically for your mobile devices. Fully portable and autonomous, featuring an LED bulb with a lifespan of 20k hours, it’s the open door for limitless multimedia possibilities. Transform your surroundings into a mind-blowing cinema, an immersive art installation, a virtual world; the power fits in the palm of your hand.

Compatible with all HDMI/MHL devices, the Cube removes the limitations imposed by screen size so you can rediscover mobile media. The Cube is made to enhance the digital experiences we already enjoy and better integrate them into our lives.

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