Human Ashes Tree Planter Urn

Keep the memory of your loved one around long after they’re gone by placing their remains in this human ashes tree planter urn. This biodegradable urn turns the death process into a transformative experience as you watch the tree blossom to maturity.

Back to nature… The “Bios Memorial Urn for Ashes” is the first biodegradable urn designed to transform your beloved into a living tree after life.

How to plant Bios Urn?
The Bios Urn is very simple to use. First, just place the ashes in the lower part, closing the urn with the upper capsule. After planting the 12.5 inch urn, then just mix the starter components found in the upper capsule, adding additional soil from the site where you are going to plant the urn. These components allow for proper seed germination. Finally, add the seed or seedling in the upper capsule.

What type of seeds can I use with Bios Urn?
You can use any seed or young plant. The Bios Urn comes with a pine tree see already inside, but you can replace with any seed or seedling you deem appropriate. In fact, we recommend that you consult with an expert to find out what type of tree, flowering bush or plant would be best for your environment.

Can I use Bios Urn with old ash?
Yes! Your Bios Urn may be used with ashes saved from another urn or from years past. In fact, if you already have the ash in your home, you may purchase your Bios Urn and plant it wherever you want.

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