if you love a great cup, this ESPRO Travel Press will be your new best friend

Espro Travel Press

The ESPRO Travel Press is a Excellent press. Easy to use and keeps coffee hot for quite a while. It is a perfect press with no grounds in the cup!

Easy to use, easy to clean, sleek looking french press. Couldn’t ask for more. Overall, it’s a pretty good press. The company that makes it likes to talk about their filtration system. They say it gets under the grounds and filters better than a traditional press which is supposed to remove more of the sediment. I haven’t noticed any sediment in my coffee so far, but the coffee tastes about the same as coffee made in a regular press.

The press works well and the thermos does a good job of keeping the coffee hot. It seals well too, I filled it up, put the cap on and flipped it around to check for leaks. I didn’t find any.