Illuminated And Reflective Dog Vest


Keep your furry best friend safe during nighttime walks by taking him out in this illuminated and reflective dog vest. The waterproof design comfortably fits a variety of different sized breeds, and comes fitted with LED fiber optics so you can customize the colors.

Excellent visibility is vital for safe morning and evening walks with your dog. It’s also useful for hiking, camping, hunting and spotting your dog in a big backyard. Light up your pup with unrivaled illumination, reflectivity and fluorescent color with noxgear’s light hound dog vest.

The vest includes attention grabbing, multicolor flashing modes based on visual science (and solid colors). In the rain or shine and any season this extremely lightweight vest is durable and ready for action. Perfect for walks, hikes, camping and hunting trips, backyard fun and all kinds of outdoor excursions.

Illumination lasts for over 12 hours and is powered by a micro USB rechargeable lithium ion battery.

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