International Expandable Carry-On Luggage

G-RO 22” International Expandable Carry-On Luggage: Tough Terrain Wheels, Telescoping Handle, Optional Modular Electronics, TSA-Approved.

Lightweight Axle-Less Wheels – Patented polymer wheel design based on the principles of heavy duty machinery bearings, and designed to endure extreme weather conditions such as snow, dirt, grass, and uneven surfaces.

Charging Station with 2 USB Ports – Built-in charging station to charge your laptop, phone or tablet anytime you are on the go. Your USB charging station is activated by G-RO Power (or most power banks) through internal wiring.

Spacious Interior Compartment – Compact enough to fit in airplane overhead compartments, yet large enough to accommodate all your packing needs. Our compartments are 14″ wide x 20″ long x 8.5″ deep (11″ deep with expansion zipper open).

G-RO Power – The 23,000 mAh G-RO Power will keep you charged and ready to go as you travel. Connect your power unit to your G-RO or take it with you and use as a separate mobile charging unit. Charge your phone, tablet and laptop all at once — or your smartphone up to 10X . The G-RO Power connects to 2 USB cords located in the external work compartment. These cords run through the interior of the bag and connect to the Built-In Charging Station at the top of the bag.

G-RO Tracker – Proximity alerts let you know if your bag is leaving your vicinity, and location tracking will tell you where your G-RO is at all times. The G-RO Tracker is activated by the G-RO Companion app available for Apple and Android devices, and trackers purchased online receive a free six-month subscription. The Companion app allows you to register your products, track the location of your bag, and more. After six-month, G-RO Tracker owners will need to sign-up for a new subscription package to continue using GSM-GPRS location tracking technology.