iPhone Vaporizer Case


Puff on your favorite concentrates without constantly having to worry about charging your vape by using this iPhone vaporizer case. Apart from shielding your phone, it comes with two refillable VQ sticks that you can use for both liquids and waxes.

The VQ is a one of a kind iPhone 6/6S case that not only stores our signature VQStick, but it also charges it.

Forget the days of worrying about charging your vape the night before. With the VQ, your VQStick is always charged and always with you, so you never miss a puff! Featuring our patented technology The VQ iPhone 6/6S case is designed to charge our VQStick for days, or even weeks.

The VQ Launch Edition features: 1) Our patented VQ iPhone 6/6S case 2) The VQStick 3) Two refillable VQCartridges: a) One VQLC For Liquids b) One VQWC For Waxes 4) Instruction Manual 5) Dual USB Charger (so you can charge your iPhone and The VQ iPhone 6/6S Case) 6) USB Cable.

For more information check out http://vqase.com

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