Knit Bearded Hats Wig Winter Warm Ski Mask Beanie Cap with integrated Bluetooth headphones


In cold temperatures, Do you want to listen to high quality songs and keep our ears warm at the same time? With this stylish Knit Bearded headphone cap, you are not only dressed well on cold days, but can also listen to your favorite music in all outdoor activities – and without disturbing straps or cables.

The practical music cap by CoCo Fashion combines brilliant sound, design and functionality in one product. The powerful headphones are integrated into the caps and connect to the MP3 player or smartphone via Bluetooth.

With the Soft-Touch-Control-Button you have the possibility to stop the music directly or jump back a song. Thanks to the unique generic-ear-fit technology, the CoCo Fashion’s amazing bluetooth hat fit almost anybody – without slipping or pushing. The headphones can be easily removed to wash the caps.