KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie is a Excellent Shower Speaker

Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker, Polished Chrome. I thought this was a great concept: it was easy to install, looks nice, and the shower-head function works like a shower-head should. It’s easy to operate and the way the speaker is held in place magnetically is pretty ingenious. I was able to synch it quickly to both an iPad 2 and an iPhone 5 (Syncs with Bluetooth*-enabled devices including smart phones, MP3 players, tablets and laptops located up to 32 feet away.).

The only thing better than a shower beer is having a shower beer while safely gyrating to jams in the shower playing through your waterproof shower head speaker. Good Sound! Not super loud, but its perfect for some listening while in the shower. Looks great! Has a great water flow.

The speaker itself is very simple, which in this case, is good. One button to turn on or off. When you turn it on, it searches for a blue tooth connection. The speaker is plenty loud for the shower, probably almost loud enough to drown out the horrible screeching that in your own mind is a spot on representation of Jon Bon Jovi. The charge holds for probably about 7-10 days.