LEGO Flying Drone Kit

Construct your very own aerial vehicle from scratch without needing any major tools by using this LEGO flying drone kit. The kit makes it possible to build eye-catching custom models without any programming or soldering required.

Launch your LEGO creativity skyward! Complete with LEGO bricks, eight motors, propellers, detailed design plans, and a downloadable app that connects via Bluetooth, this highly versatile construction kit turns drone flying into an intense experience in creative engineering.

Everything’s set up so you can start flying within fifteen minutes after opening the box ? But, that’s only a taste. There’s so much more to explore! The tough, crashable design lets you easily and safely experiment with endless configurations and ideas.

Try building with four motors, six motors, or eight motors. Add on fun accessories and features, discover different ways of creating perfect balance ? You can even add on your own collection of LEGO bricks for a fully customizable experience.

Continuously, kids can keep on building, flying, crashing, and rebuilding on and on, constantly working toward the most perfect flying machine possible ? Just like a real-life engineer! And it isn’t just the hardware that kids get to experiment with ? They’ll also get to delve into the software, too.

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