LEOPHILE EEL Wireless Neckband Headphones

IP67 Waterproof, Your Perfect Companion for Water Activities
EEL is water and sweat-proof. It can be worn for water activities ranging from showers to wakeboarding in the ocean or other water activities that involves high velocities.

Exclusive Neckband Designed for Sports
The neckband includes a wire clip design. This allows users to do extreme actions without worrying that the neckband from bouncing and falling out. You can wear EEL for Parkour, Surfing´╝îRock Climbing, mountain Biking, Skateboarding and other extreme sports.

Light weight, Tight fitting and irritation-free
The neckband weighs only 36g, and it uses soft silicone that is intended to fit different neck sizes and conforms to your body for all-day irritant-free comfort.