Light up your night with the first ever bioluminescent glowing water blaster!

Make the night come alive by starting a bioluminescent water gun fight. This blaster styled gun is filled with a special ReLume with natural bioluminescent proteins that mix with the water to create a bright stream that remains glowing after it’s shot out.

The SplashLight is the world’s first water blaster that blasts bioluminescent glowing water! With the SplashLight and our special bioluminescent fuel that we call a ReLume (included in the box) all you have to do is add water to be able to blast water that lights up on its own. The two natural ingredients of the ReLume are easily loaded into the 2 chambers of the SplashLight. The ingredients are kept separate, when you pull the trigger the water from each side comes together producing an amazing and bright bioluminescent reaction.