Massaging Bed Rest

Delay getting out of bed every morning by pampering yourself with this massaging bed rest. It’s the perfect place for sipping your morning latte, doing a bit of light reading, and receiving a world class massage – all before you step into your morning slippers.

Enjoy your total-back-relax massage with this Carepeutic Back Rest Lounger while sitting back and relaxing in your bed. This Bed Rest Lounger is equipped with shiatsu massage for lumbar area with optional soothing heat therapy, maximizing your comfort while you are reading a book, watching TV, or talking on phone in your bed by giving yourself a soothing comfort massage.

Its built-in reading light allows you to position it in different directions, and its built-in cup holder and big side pocket help you place your drink or magazines with ease.

The Bed Rest Lounger is designed with a detachable arms connected with a built-in zipper, which makes it easy to detach for moving around or storage. Do not bring your daily depression to your bed, sit back and relax with this comfort Bed Lounger to refresh your vitality. A deluxe carrying bag and detachable AC adaptor are included.

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