Meatball Grill Basket – Grilling meatballs has never been better!

Outset Nonstick Meatball Basket

The Outset Meatball Basket is a cool alternative to frying frying meatballs in a skillet. Nice product, sturdily built, closer mesh than competitors to prevent fall through of the uncooked meat. Works great, made of quality material.

Grilling meatballs has never been better! So easy to use but a little difficult to clean. Nonetheless, you’re bound to start using this all the time I assure you!

Outset Nonstick Meatball Basket Description:
Imagine cooking meatballs on the grill, keeping them in one-piece and cooking them evenly. With Outset’s Meatball Basket you can grill your meatballs while keeping them safely in place with the basket’s locking mechanism. This will help you easily flip the meatballs over the open flames. Holds up to 12 meatballs.