Mechanical Automatic Watch

The mechanical automatic watch is the unique timepiece that’s powered solely through kinetic energy. It uses your body’s natural movements to power itself for up to 36 hours and features an eye-catching display that’s easy to read.

The Halograph Automatic is a living time machine. You are the power source. The new limited edition Halograph Automatic features “halo” hands that display the time in an entirely new way. The Halograph is super easy to read, as the Halo Hands float over the four, dimensional, hemicycle time display arcs, they encircling the numbers for the time. The inner arcs display the hours, the outer arcs displays the minutes. It doesn’t need batteries or updates to do its work while summoning compliments and sparking conversation everywhere you go. All it needs is you! The Halograph Automatic lives on mechanical energy. It’s not an electronic gadget: it’s a mechanical heirloom. Like the chambers of a beating mechanical heart, the twin balance wheels pump life into this complex time machine. Seeing the action of a living machine on your wrist gives a thrill no electronic gadget can. A smartwatch starts to die as soon as its circuitry is activated, and its functional obsolescence starts as soon as it leaves the assembly line. A mechanical watch will never be obsolete.

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