Microwave Pizza Pan

Make leftover slices taste as good as when they were first delivered by heating them up in this microwave pizza pan. It’s designed to heat up the slices from the bottom-up so that the crust remains crispy – never soggy – without overcooking the cheese and toppings.

  • πŸ• Perfect for frozen and leftover pizza, grilled cheeses, eggs, bacon, and much more!
  • πŸ• Heats up to 400 degrees and is capable of browning and searing food – just like a frying pan
  • πŸ• Secret is the microwave energized heating pan that converts microwave energy into conductive heat
  • πŸ• Specially designed microwave safe lid shields food from burning
  • πŸ• BPA-free and safe for all microwaves and foods. Non-stick and easy to clean
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