Miniature Fairy Garden Gnome Home Door That Opens

The Super Cute Miniature Gnome Home Door (which opens) is Hand Painted and Covered In Delightful Flowers, Vines and Fairy Moss. Lovingly Designed by Twig & Flower, this Gorgeous Door (with stone steps) will give a Warm Welcome to all the Fairies, Gnomes and Magical Characters who live in your Garden.


At almost 8 Inches wide and 6.5 Inches tall, the Twig & Flower Door (that opens) will fit in perfectly with almost any other Fairy Garden Piece, but goes especially well with our other Twig & Flower Collectibles such as the Miniature Furniture & Tiny Tea Set, the Harp Fairy Helen Set or the Relax by the Campfire Miniature Gnome Set, not to mention The Twig & Flower Walkway, Fairy Bridge or our Lovely Fairy Sisters Alice & May and the Darling Fairy Fay. The Beautiful Miniature Garden Fairy Door by Twig & Flower makes for a truly Magical and Wonderful Gift. Enjoy!!