Nexersys Home Unit for Boxing a Fitness Gadget To Get In Shape


Nexersys Home Boxing Unit Get ready to step out of the ring, boxing champs, because we’ve found a state-of-the-art fitness gadget that will have you knocking ’em dead in your living room.

the Nexersys is an excellent addition to your home gym and it really makes working out fun. Hard to believe, but yes…it’s fun! It is also a kick-butt workout.

The Nexersys Home Boxing Unit has seven strike pads and a trio of axis accelerometers, so you can jab out those hooks with ease.

The monitor stays on top of your accuracy, power, and strike counts, so you can keep improving.

Nexersys delivers unique workouts each time you train from over 3.5 hours of 4 minute Striking, Gaming, Cardio, Technique, and Core video rounds in both Traditional and Southpaw stances, as well as an unlimited number of gaming rounds in Avatar Sparring and Follow Me.