No Spill Vertical Ice Cube Tray

Utilize the limited space in your freezer more efficiently by making your ice cubes using this no spill vertical tray. The tray comes with an odorless and spill-proof silicone lid that allows you to store it vertically inside a crowded freezer without worrying about spills.

Unique Sealed Design
After filling with water, place the silicone lid back over the Tray, and smooth down the lid (be sure to press hard!) to get excess water out of the Tray and create a watertight seal.

No-Spill Storage
The lid will seal water into the cube molds, allowing the tray to be stored at any angle without drips or spills.

Fresh, Odorless Cubes
A tight seal on the silicone lid keeps ice cubes from absorbing freezer smells for fresh-tasting cubes.

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