The Off Grid Survival Axe

Handle any type of situation that may arise in the wilderness by keeping the off grid survival axe by your side. Despite its compact size, it sports a sturdy construction and comes with over 30 unique features like a glass breaker, a hammer head, and a fold-out saw.

Survival Axe Elite – Proudly Made in the USA
The only tool you’ll need to survive
With 30 unique features, the tool is designed to handle any type of situation you might run in to. Whether you are looking to set up camp for the night, escape from a burning vehicle, or survive a zombie apocalypse, the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite is the perfect tool for the job.

Patent Pending fold out 6″ Saw Blade
The durable glass filled nylon handle contains a 6″ saw blade that is designed to cut through just about anything. The easy grip knob easily flips the blade out and locks it into place. Simply press the knob and twist to flip the blade in and out.

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