OFYR Corten Steel Grill

The OFYR Corten steel grill is the ultimate in outdoor backyard cooking. The bold and contemporary statue-like design enables you to perform everything from steaming and flambeing to stewing and grilling, so that you can keep your guests feeling happy and full.

This attractive OFYR Classic Black 100-100 Grill will be the center of attention in your next social event by gathering the chef and the guests together in a whole new way. This grill offers a practical way of cooking by enabling the chef to steam, flambe, stew, or grill at their convenience.

The OFYR Classic Black 100-100 Grill is a three-part product that features a corten steel base and fire cone, and carbon steel cooking plate.

The corten steel material develops a layer of patina that protects the steel from corrosion. Because of this, it can be left uncovered outdoors all-year-round since the base improves when in contact with outdoor elements.

With the OFYR Classic Black 100-100 Grill, guests will surely be impressed by the smoky flavors brought out from the wood. Even when the OFYR grill is not in use, it adds a striking rustic appearance to any open yard as a beautiful stand-alone piece of art.

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