Over The Door Hanging Shoe Rack

Double your closet’s storage capacity without performing costly renovations by using this over the door hanging shoe rack. It’s designed for most standard size doors and can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes, freeing up floor space and eliminating clutter.

Store up to 36 pairs of shoes
Finally, an over the door shoe storage solution for all types of shoes, for both men and women! Most shoe racks follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The problem with that being not all shoes within our collection are alike leaving you with a ‘sort of’ shoe storage solution. Whitmor’s unique, patented design solves this problem.

With Whitmor’s unit, each bar has the ability to flip up which creates more space for the row below. This allows you to store taller heels, boots, or high top tennis shoes with ease, without the bar above getting in the way.

Another nice feature to the bars is the non-slip coating which helps keep shoes in place, without falling over or onto the floor every time you open/ close the door.

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