Personal Fondue Mugs

Enjoy your favorite Swiss treat without the hassle of melting an entire pots-worth of cheese by opting for these personal fondue mugs. You simply place your melted cheese or chocolate inside the mug while the candle underneath keeps it at the perfect temperature.

  • Kovot Fondue Set Includes: 2 Fondue Mugs, 4 Forks
  • Melt Chocolate Easily and Use it for a Variety of Foods
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • In Order for the Tea Light to Burn Most Efficiently, Make Sure There is Air Flow (I.e. Fan/Window) So That the Flame Does Not Suffocate
  • Mugs Measure 3?L x 5?W x 4 3/4?H. Forks are 4 5/8?L.
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