Pet Deshedding Brush Gloves

Keep your pet’s luscious furry coat from ending up all over your furniture with help from these pet deshedding brush gloves. The gloves are equipped with 180 soft rubber tips that provide a relaxing massage while removing dirt, dander, and loose hair.

just slip your hand in, tighten the wristband, and work through your pet’s fur deshedding glove remove loose hair and gently massage your pets.

Perfect for short, long and curly haired dogs and cats, the deshedding glove allows you to simply pet the hair away.

The shedding hair sticks to the glove, making cleanup easy.

Daily pet brushing and massaging, de-tangle matted fur, put that finishing shine on coats, nylon mesh liner is fast drying and water resistant, gentle rounded silicone tips, adjustable wristband for a comfortable fit, easy to clean your pet will love the Grabley five finger deshedding glove.

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