Philips SB7220 Shoqbox The take it with you almost anywhere speaker!

Philips SB7220 Shoqbox

Philips SB7220 Shoqbox Wireless Portable Speaker. What a great little speaker! Finally something that I can take with me and not be afraid of damaging. Very durable, splash-proof and can survive me dropping it when my hands are full.

The Shoqbox is very small is size and amazingly, produces a very full spectrum of sound for such a small speaker.

The Shoqbox really blew me away in how full and clear the sound is. It has Bass, just don’t expect it to be room-shaking, but, the Bass is certainly there and noticeable.

Build quality of this little “rubber covered sound tube” is superb. It seems “weather-resistant” and built reasonably rugged as the manufacture claims.

Bluetooth range for me went beyond 30 feet. Perhaps 40 and no drop-outs nor a single lose of the audio.