Professional Smartphone Camera Lens

Olympus Air A01

Instantly turn your smartphone into the professional quality camera you’ve always wanted using this specialized camera lens. The lens easily attaches to your phone and features up to 1/16,000 second shutter speed at 10 frames per second.

You can use the attached coupling to securely attach the camera to a smartphone, or you can enjoy freestyle shooting by using the two pieces separately. Get angles like you’ve never seen before by holding the device super close to the ground, overhead, or even shoot what’s behind you. You can chose to compose your shots by looking at your phone, or by simply shooting in the direction of the action!

The Air A01 is equipped with a Micro Four Thirds Mount and is compatible with the ever-growing family of Olympus M.Zuiko digital lenses. Choose from a variety of lenses that meet your shooting needs, from wide-angle landscape lenses for discreet street shooting to high-powered zoom lenses.

  • Equipped with a Micro Four Thirds lens mount for a large selection of available lens options
  • Up to 1/16,000 second shutter speed at 10 frames per second
  • SLR image quality
  • Instant Connection and image sharing via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection
  • Comprehensive OA Central app with six different shooting applications
  • Integration with Amazon Cloud Drive makes it easy to upload your photos to the cloud and access them anywhere
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