Return of the Living Deadpool

return of the living deadpool

In the end of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL, our hero found a “cure” of sorts to this horrible outbreak – any zombie that ate Deadpool transformed…into another Deadpool. And they lived happily ever after? Not so fast… Wandering hordes of Deadpools might just be worse than flesh-hungry walking corpses. Welcom to Return of the Living Deadpool.

Despite the paean to The Walking Dead, this book is all Deadpool. The humor is dark. These zombies moan snippets from their previous lives: so instead of crying “braaaaaaaaiiinnns”, these zombies attack with groans of “pot pies for dinner” and “walk the dog”. Maybe you have to see it in order to get it, but these panels had me cracking up.

There is plenty of blood, dismemberment, and disemboweling while Deadpool and his companion try to stop a plague worse than zombies.

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