Rotating Eyes Desktop Alarm Clock


The rotating eyes of the desktop alarm clock are perfect for anyone who isn’t particular about knowing the exact time. Its clever design works with the left eye rotating to tell the hour while the right eye tells the minutes, more or less.

1) The Eyes Clock is for those that like to take their time, have fun, relax and not live life to the hands of a clock.

2) That’s why this Eyes Clock is the perfect companion for those that like to know what time it is abouts, but not exactly.

3) Having said this the Eyes Clock is very precise but will depend upon the observer to decide exactly what time they think it is.

4) The eyes might look googly but they’ll make you smile when you’re late.

5) One eye shows the hours, one shows the minutes; sitting on your desk, slowly rolling round – as if agreeing with you, yes 9am is too early. This clock may not be the most precise, but it is the most understanding

6) Requires 2 x AA batteries(not included) 7) Size: 173x85x63mm

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