Sit On My Face Chair

Spice up your love-life by suffocating your significant other with pleasure using this leather queening chair. Simply place your loved ones head inside the chair and open up your legs – and your heart – to experience the ride of your life.

This item was made by hand entirely in Los Angeles. The listing is for both the stool and the head support pillow, which is fully detachable from the stool and you can have a lot of fun with on its own. The stools dimensions are: 17″W x 16″ Deep x 15″ high – which is coffee table height as you can see in the picture.

This stool allows for extended face sitting. It’s recently undergone a redesign to make it even more sturdy. We now use two screws at every joint instead of the one you see in the pictures. The result is a stool that simply can not collapse under a customer’s weight when used properly.

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