Sleeping on Arm Under Pillow


This is the ultimate pillow if you like to sleep on your side. The Sleep Better Pillow has a small opening in the middle to allow you to place your arm through it, giving you a more natural sleeping position.

Pain-Free Positioning for a Happy Sleep Do you toss and turn every night just trying to find a position that is comfortable to sleep in? Perhaps you wake up each morning in pain, your neck super stiff and your back absolutely aching? Is your loud snoring preventing you from getting a restful sleep, and also preventing all those around you? If you suffer from any of these issues, it is most definitely time to start thinking about getting yourself a new pillow.

Deluxe Comfort offers you the best in comfortable and pain-free sleep with our Better Sleep Pillow. Constructed from the most comfortable memory foam, these pillows will mold to the unique shape of your body. This enables you to feel like you’re sleeping on a pillow that’s been made just for you, and leads to the most comfortable sleep ever. The included velour cover lends an even softer feel to this already soothing pillow.

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