Sonicare Flexcare Connected Toothbrush

Keep your gums and teeth healthier than ever by cleaning them using the Sonicare flexcare connected toothbrush. This smart brush employs tiny sensors that tell you what parts of your mouth you’re brushing too little and which ones you’re brushing too hard.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected takes the guesswork out of your oral care routine. Unique Smart Sensor technology sends your brushing data to the free Sonicare app in real-time via Bluetooth wireless technology, providing you personalized coaching and feedback for the most complete clean possible.

The innovative Location Sensor and TouchUp feature pinpoint exactly where you’re brushing too much or too little for better coverage and plaque removal. If there are spots you’ve missed, the Location Sensor will highlight them. The TouchUp feature then lets you go back and address them right away. In addition, the Pressure and Scrubbing sensors help optimize your brushing technique for a comfortable, thorough clean.

Smart brushing, superior results. Achieve 10x more plaque removal and healthier gums in just two weeks vs. a manual toothbrush.