Sunrise Simulating Alarm Clock

Greet the new day in a better mood by waking up naturally using the sunrise simulating alarm clock. It emits soothing natural sounds, can light up in 1 of 7 colors, and gradually increases the brightness from 1 to 100 so that you wake up in a more natural way.

Sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually with natural soft light.

You can set 6 kinds of natural sound alarm or set the FM radio alarm, to the point of time to wake up.
High imitation of the sunrise, soft light, not dazzling, colorful lights conversion.
Clock alarm and snooze function, Saturday and Sunday would like to sleep, after the alarm ring, click snooze.

Touch-sensitive discoloration lights, RGB LED colorful discoloration, warmth and romantic synchronization.

White light 10 brightness adjustment, better meet your needs.

Sunset Good night mode, simulated sunset allows you to relax easily and fall asleep.

FM radio function, set as alarm clock, wake up every day to listen to your favorite radio stations, to understand the latest news every day.

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